Vector is Cozmo for grownups

Anki believes this robot is well positioned to offer users the gateway to the next generation of home robots.

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Vector is our latest robot big step up Over anything we’ve done previously he’s A character a buddy that lives in People’s homes he’s always on he has Everything on board to understand his Environment interact with people provide A really unique emotional wrapper around A variety of utility functions and Generally to make people smile laugh and Be surprised by what he’s kept you off Best way to think about him is almost as A little living robot almost like a cat The same ways you interact with your cat Or a dog he’s a guy who’s got a range of Emotions he can understand his Environment he’ll explore he’ll Recognize you he’ll get excited when you Come home it’s a sort of capabilities That we’ve really fine-tuned over the Last five years with our previous Products but now really scaled up to the First home robot that’s meant to live in People’s homes Hey vector what’s the weather in New York City fist ball we’re partnering With a lot of the providers of cloud Capabilities but we’re not piping it’s Not meant to be a replacement for an Alexa or a Google home what we’re doing Is we’re really proving out that you can Create a far richer level of interaction Around both existing utilities and new Ones using this type of a Character-driven interface but at the

Core what makes it magical is this Feeling of a living robot in your home We’re building on all of the learnings We had with Cosmo but now for the first Time you have a robot that has a Quad-core CPU in his head he can see and Understand the environment he can Recognize people recognize objects move Around build a map and he’s always on so It creates for the first time an ability To bring this feeling of life to him Personality’s core to everything it’s um Is gonna make home robotics and and General human robot interaction possible When you have increasing levels of Technology and sensors and computation If you don’t have that interface it Feels unnatural and you lose the ability To communicate your intent be disarming Make people forgiving of any limitations You have Who won the World Cup [Music] Every one of our products is a character They just happen to have different Personalities where this one is actually Targeted at of broader families adults Tech aversives even though kids will Love it it’s not a kid’s product and so This opens up a really interesting new Wave of for robotics [Music]

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