Video editing on the iMac Pro

The thoughtfully built machine geared towards creative professionals has been an absolute dream for video editing, but at such a high price point, who is it really for?

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Earlier this year Apple released the IMac Pro a thoughtfully built machine Aimed at creative professionals they Sent us a mid tier 10 core model to test Out video editing as video producers at TechCrunch we don’t always have the Luxury of two-week deadlines edits are Often banged out right after the shoot To be honest listing off the latest Specs won’t impress us what we need to Know is can we simultaneously run Premiere Pro After Effects Photoshop and Have 20 Chrome windows open without Bogging down the machine we’re rendering Complete before I can run down to Farrah Leto and grab a burrito my name is Tito In other words can the price of Upgrading be justified the machines Design is clean and minimal basically What you’d expect from Apple the magic Keyboard feels like every Apple keyboard From the past few years except that it’s Space Gray with black keys fancy it’s Decent solid there’s really nothing else To say the Magic Mouse 2 handles well on A variety of surfaces and the built-in Gesture make it easy to switch back and Forth from a laptop trackpad but Depending on your workflow you might Want to $50 upgrade for a Magic Trackpad To the Lightning charging port for the Magic Mouse 2 is at the bottom you can’t Use it while recharging the battery it’s A little annoying but not a big deal the

Keyboard and mouse lasts about two weeks Of heavy use before it needs to be Charged the FaceTime camera has been Upgraded to 1080p which means you’ll Look great on everyone else’s devices But what you see depends on their camera Quality and if I’m facetiming you with My shitty 2014 MacBook Pro it’s not to Look too good by man do I look good real Life but not really the audio quality Was surprisingly good which is a plus For video bloggers on the back there’s a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack SD card Slot 4 USB 3 4 Thunderbolt 3 and an Ethernet port We found use for all the ports except For the Thunderbolt 3 I have a drawable Plugged into one of the Thunderbolt 3 Ports but can’t find the use for the Other three since most USB C devices Have a USB 3 connection on the other end We’re going to assume the four ports is Apple’s preparation for when Thunderbolt 3 replaces USB 3 as the standard since They’re all about that future-proofing Editing and Premiere Pro was Ridiculously fluid there was no latency When switching between the ripple razor And pen tools exporting a sequence while Editing the gallery of cr2 files in Lightroom and jumping from one program To the next to the next didn’t slow down The system but loudest the internal fan Spins during heavy duty processing was a

Faint hum we ran some tests between the IMac Pro and the 2014 MacBook Pro which Most of us are working on and it’s SuperDuper fast Yeah fastest performance wise we have no Major gripes in fact the 10 core Configuration Apple sent us outstrips Our needs for basic 1080p video editing Is better suited for heavy-duty motion Graphics 3d modeling and feature-length Films shot on 4k the $5,000 base model Would have probably been more than Sufficient and the highest configuration At $13,000 would have been overkill but At this price point Who is the iMac Pro really for as sweet As this machine is there is no way I can Justify a $10,000 price tag to my Corporate overlords a crapload of our Production friends have switched over to Pcs because of Apple’s lack of Configuration capabilities you can build The same specs for one-third the cost Those running production companies won’t Spend that much with so many employees Who is it for them the iMac Pro is for a Niche market with an already niche Market of creative professionals the Ones who are willing to spend extra few Thousand for aesthetics still after a Month with the Kobe beef of computers Only to revert back to a steamed Whitecastle patty of a laptop it’s a Little sad to have to send it back hey

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