Vivo goes big on mobile photography with global release of X90 flagship

Vivo goes big on mobile photography with global release of X90 flagship.
Following a November 2002 launch in China, the Vivo X90 series flagship smartphones have now gone global.
With the focus very much on photography, the X90 Pro features a Sony 1-inch-type sensor and Zeiss optics.
“The new X90 series combines our in-house innovation with some of the industry’s leading imaging technologies to bring consumers a smartphone lineup equipped to tackle some of the most challenging scenarios, such as night photography and videography,” said the company’s Spark Ni.
The X90 Pro’s triple camera array around back is designed to impress, rocking a 50-MP main built around an IMX989 1-inch-type sensor for capturing more light and detail through Zeiss glass with a F1.75 aperture, with Vivo noting that the photosensitive area has increased by 77% and light intake by 43% compared to the sensor used in the previous generation of X phones.
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Foreign [Music] Vivo goes big on mobile photography with Global release of X90 Flagship following A November 2002 launch in China the Vivo X90 series Flagship smartphones have now Gone Global with the focus very much on Photography the X90 Pro features a Sony One-inch type sensor and Zeiss Optics The new X90 series combines our in-house Innovation with some of the industry's Leading Imaging Technologies to bring Consumers a smartphone lineup equipped To tackle some of the most challenging Scenarios such as night photography and Videography said the company sparknai The X90 Pro's triple camera array around Back is designed to impress rocking a 50 MP main built around an IMX 989 one-inch Type sensor for capturing more light and Detail through Zeiss glass with f 1.75 Aperture with Vivo noting that the Photosensitive area has increased by 77 And light intake by 43 compared to the Sensor used in the previous generation Of X phone to stay up to date with Latest top stories make sure to Subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video Those looking for more detail in low Light settings can take advantage of 4m1 Binning to increase pixel size to 3.2 Muam and there's Optical image Stabilization for smoother run and gun

Shooting the other members of the camera Family shape up as a 50 mpf 1.6 Telephoto based on Sony's IMX 758 sensor And rocking Optical image stabilization And a 12 mpf 2.0 Ultra wide with a 108 Degree field of view that feeds light to An IMX 663 sensor Zeiss natural color 2.0 is on board for greater color Accuracy and users can adjust on-screen Color rendition and settings for Optimum Display when showing snaps to friends a Motion detection algorithm and High-speed shutter release join forces For a zero shutter lag motion snapshot Feature designed to freeze frame moving Subjects an ai-powered night View is Able to process HDR tones at a color Depth of up to 22 bits and can snap up To 10 frames in raw format a handheld Astro mode is included for taking in Starry Nights with greater Clarity Without the need of a tripod and a super Moon mode makes landscape moonshots a Viable option the X90 Pro is powered by Dual Flagship chip technology Sports a 6.8 inch fhd plus a mold display Benefits from the largest Vapor chamber In the x-family for efficient Cooling And features a large battery with fast Charge support there's a 32 MP sulficum Hole punched in the 6.78 inch 2800 X 1260 mold display that screen boasts 452 Pi a 120 hertz refresh rate Peak Brightness of 1 300 nits and support for

100 of the DC ip3 color gamut inside Vivo has treated the Proto mediatek's Flagship dimensity 9200 mobile platform With octa-core processing and power Optimize Graphics this works in a dual Chip configuration along with vivo's V2 Chip which sports an image processing Subsystem and built-in AI accelerator Plus on chip memory system support comes From up to 12 GB of lpddr5x RAM and 256 GB of storage elsewhere there's Bluetooth 5.3 and Wi-Fi 6 Plus 5G Connectivity the handset runs vivos Funditch OS 13 which is based on Android 13 and it's home to a 4700 mAh battery With support for 120 watt wired fast Charging and 50 watt Wireless an ultra Large Vapor chamber helps to keep the Device cool during heated mobile gamma Play and the phone benefits from a dual SIM setup with one of those being an SM For added convenience the x90s 50mp main Camera is built around Sony's 1 1.5 inch IMX 866vcs rgbw sensor the handset features A 6.78 inch AMOLED display at 2008 100x 1260 pixels and its battery supports Fast charging the X90 model shares much With the pro but the 50 MP main module Around back is based on an IMX 866vcs sensor and the 12 MP portrait Camera and the 12 MP Ultra wide are both Based on IMX 663 sensors this model also Has a slightly smaller battery at

4690 Mah rather bizarrely Vivo hasn't Revealed exactly where folks outside of China will be able to get hold of the New flagships but we have spotted them Listed on the company's Malaysia web Store with a price of RM 3699 for the X90 and RM 4999 for the pro which converts to about Us 870 and 1175 respectively though there is little Chance of an official release in the US Foreign [Music]

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