Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display Review


Product Overview

The Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display is a high definition virtual display that provides clear video and text. With HDMI connectivity, it can easily connect to any device capable of outputting 720P. The display features a magnetic docking station, allowing it to be easily attached when needed and conveniently pocketed when not in use. It also includes an internal battery that provides a 90-minute runtime and can be charged using a 5V Micro USB. Highly portable and incredibly tough, this wearable display is perfect for on-the-go use.

Purpose of the Review

In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display and discuss its features, functionality, and performance. I will provide an honest assessment of its strengths and weaknesses based on my usage, highlighting its suitability for different activities and potential areas of improvement.

Price Comparison

Priced at $160, the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display offers a competitive option compared to other displays on the market. While it may appear small, it boasts a crisp image quality and a versatile design that makes it a valuable tool for various applications. I will evaluate the value for money offered by this wearable display and compare it to similar products in the market.

Now, let’s dive into my experience with the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display and explore its features in detail.

Product Description

As a wearable display enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. This high definition virtual display provides clear and crisp video and text, making it suitable for various purposes.

High Definition Virtual Display

The Vufine VUF-110 offers a high definition virtual display that appears as a 4-inch screen when positioned 12 inches from the user’s eye. The image quality is impressive for such a compact device, and even though the screen is small, the clarity is outstanding.

Connectivity Features

With HDMI connectivity, the Vufine VUF-110 can be easily connected to any device that supports 720p output. It’s worth noting that this wearable display does not have Bluetooth connectivity, but it makes up for it with its reliable wired connection.

Magnetic Docking Station

The magnetic docking station included with the Vufine VUF-110 is a convenient feature. It allows for easy attachment when you need the display and effortless pocketing when you don’t. The docking station ensures that the device stays secure during use.

Internal Battery

The Vufine VUF-110 comes with an internal battery that provides a runtime of 90 minutes. This is ideal for extended use without the need for constant recharging. The device can be charged through a 5V Micro USB, making it compatible with various charging options.

High Portability

One of the standout features of the Vufine VUF-110 is its highly portable design. The device is incredibly small, yet remarkably tough, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. Its compact size allows for convenient on-the-go use without any hassle.

Actual and Virtual Screen Size

Although the actual screen size of the Vufine VUF-110 is only 0.195 inches, the virtual screen size appears as 4 inches, providing a surprisingly immersive experience. This gives users the feeling of viewing content on a much larger screen than the device physically offers.

Display Refresh Rate

The display refresh rate of the Vufine VUF-110 is 60Hz, ensuring smooth and fluid visuals. Whether you’re watching videos or reading text, the high refresh rate prevents any blurring or lagging, resulting in a pleasant viewing experience.

Video Connection

The Vufine VUF-110 utilizes a wired video connection through HDMI. This ensures stable and reliable transmission of video signals, guaranteeing that you won’t encounter any connectivity issues while using the device.

In my experience, the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display has proven to be a versatile and practical device. Its impressive virtual display, connectivity features, magnetic docking station, internal battery, high portability, screen size, refresh rate, and video connection make it a compelling choice for anyone looking to enhance their viewing experience. Whether you’re a professional or simply want to enjoy multimedia content in a unique way, this wearable display delivers on its promises.

Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display

Pros and Cons


I really like the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display. For $160, it beats any other display for meeting part 107 requirements and maintaining visual line of sight. It is a high-definition virtual display that is clear enough for video and text. The connectivity options of HDMI make it compatible with any device capable of outputting 720P. The magnetic docking station allows for easy attachment when needed and can be easily pocketed when not in use. The internal battery provides a 90-minute runtime, and charging is convenient with the 5V Micro USB. Furthermore, its highly portable design makes it small and incredibly tough.

The Vufine VUF-110 also offers a virtual screen size that appears as 4 inches at 12 inches from the user’s eye, providing a comfortable viewing experience. The display refresh rate of 60Hz ensures smooth visuals, while the wired HDMI video connection ensures a stable and reliable connection.


While the Vufine VUF-110 has many advantages, it’s important to consider a few drawbacks. Some users have reported that the magnetic mounting clips do not work well with eyeglass frames that have a short height on the earpiece. This may require specific adjustments or alternative mounting options. Another issue that some users have encountered is glare, but this can potentially be mitigated by using an anti-glare screen protector.

Additionally, the Vufine VUF-110 lacks Bluetooth connectivity, so wireless connection is not possible. It is also important to note that the device does not include full-size ports, so connecting to newer devices may require adapters. The limitations of the device’s frame alignment may cause the image to be cut off on the left side of the display, especially for users wearing glasses or with prescriptions that magnify. Adjusting the unit to fit glasses properly can be tedious, and it may not be possible to view the entire frame.

the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display offers a unique and affordable solution to meet various needs. While it has some limitations and room for improvement, it provides good value for its price, especially compared to its more expensive competitors.

Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display

Buy Vufine VUF-110


Wireless Connectivity

The Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display does not have wireless connectivity. It only has HDMI connectivity, so you will need to have at least one cable plugged in at all times, and maybe two if you want to use it for longer than the 90-minute battery life. This lack of wireless connectivity can be a downside for those who prefer a wireless setup.

Cable Requirements

To connect the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display to your device, you will need an HDMI cable. The device only supports wired video connection through HDMI, and it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, it is important to have the necessary cables on hand to ensure proper functionality.

Battery Life

The internal battery of the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display provides a 90-minute runtime. While this may be sufficient for certain use cases, it may not be long enough for extended periods of use. If you require more than 90 minutes of runtime, you can power the device with the micro USB charging cable while using it.

Adjustment of Display Brightness

One limitation of the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display is the inability to adjust the display brightness. Using the device in a darker room may cause some eyestrain as the display brightness remains constant. This can be an issue for users who prefer to work in dimly lit environments or who have sensitivity to bright screens.

Compatibility with Glasses

The Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display comes with prescriptionless glasses, but they are relatively small and may not fit everyone comfortably. Additionally, wearing glasses while using the device may cause the display frame to be positioned further right, resulting in the left side of the display being cut off. Adjusting the device to accommodate glasses can be a tedious process and may not provide a complete field of view.


Summary of the Review

After using the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display for a few hours, I am impressed with its performance. The display is crisp and clear, making it easy to read both text and watch videos. The connectivity options, including the HDMI compatibility, allow it to be easily connected to any device capable of outputting 720P. The magnetic docking station and internal battery add to its portability, making it convenient to use on the go. The actual screen size may be small, but the virtual screen size appears larger and provides a good viewing experience.


While the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display has its faults, such as the lack of wireless connectivity and the need for adapters to connect to newer devices, it is still a unique and capable product. It is particularly useful for tasks that require multitasking, such as watching training videos while walking or working with photo references as an illustrator. The device may require some adjustment and getting used to, but it offers benefits that outweigh these minor inconveniences.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display is a worthwhile investment for those looking for a portable and high-definition display. It may not be the most stylish or inconspicuous device, but its performance surpasses expectations. The included glasses are a nice addition, although they are on the smaller side. With some improvements, such as universal glasses frame adapters and adjustable display brightness, this device has even more potential. Overall, as a satisfied customer, I highly recommend the Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display for its versatility and value for money.

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