Watch stunning top-down footage of Artemis 1 launch

Watch stunning top-down footage of Artemis 1 launch.
After the Orion spacecraft broke a world record set by the Apollo 13 mission, the European Space Agency (ESA) shared footage of the Artemis 1 launch taken from an unusual angle.
The ESA footage of the launch was taken from a camera onboard the Orion spacecraft and offers a top-down view of the launch.
Watch footage of the Artemis 1 launch.
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In the top-down footage that looks down at the launchpad, we can see the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket’s engine firing up to carry the Orion spacecraft into a trajectory towards the Moon.
The video is about 3 minutes and 33 seconds long but the actual launch begins at around the three-minute mark, so you can skip to that point if you just want to see the launch.
Artemis 1 mission status.
On the twelfth day of its mission (November 27), NASA Artemis 1 team members conducted another planned test of the star trackers on the Orion spacecraft.

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