Watch This 13-Inch E Ink Tablet Play Video Games

The Onyx Boox Max Lumi tablet plays Asphalt 9 and even Call of Duty on its E Ink screen. The results are … psychedelic.

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Hi i’m sasha segan from and I’m here to do something that you Absolutely should not do let me show you This is the onyx books max lumi This is an 800 plus premier Gorgeous e-ink android tablet running Android 10. Now onyx is famous for making these Really powerful really flexible android Tablets that happen to have e-ink Screens And e-ink has really low refresh rates But this thing runs any android 10 Application So what do action games look like on an E-ink screen Let’s take a look so this is what the Onyx books lumi is good for Reading it is a gorgeous 13.3 inch E-ink screen and whether you’re looking At Text or musical scores or in this case Comics they look amazing As you can see here the books max lumi Can also run pretty much any android 10 App which means i can run things That really shouldn’t run on the ink Screen Like asphalt 9. Oof that’s some video Going there okay Let’s drive So now we’re driving in asphalt 9 On an e-ink screen with a really low

Refresh rate It’s safe to say that this experience is Horrifyingly bad [Music] It’s it’s it’s kind of a it’s kind of an Epilepsy trigger isn’t it It’s strobing constantly Whoa I mean can you even see where your car Is The controls aren’t bad It’s just the animation is a little Intense Now here’s the thing the books max lumi Has several refresh rate Modes and if you want You can set x mode which is the highest Refresh rate mode Which has screen ghosting but might make These games a little more playable Let’s try asphalt 9 in x mode Now you can already see the contrast is Reduced And there’s a sort of stippling over the Screen But already the experience is very Different So now we’re playing asphalt 9 on an E-ink tablet In onyx’s x-mode And check this out this is Shockingly not bad I’m just letting it auto-play i’m not Actually trying to play the game

Because i’m making a video the refresh Rate in onyx’s E-ink x mode is Startlingly good and the game is Almost playable oh yeah i can drift [Music] Let’s try some other games in normal Mode and in x-mode Now we’re back in normal mode to start Up a game of alto’s odyssey And as you can tell the opening cut Scene Is well kind of psychedelic Welcome to the endless desert the cpu Can jump over rocks But the e-ink screen is having issues Here’s alto’s odyssey in x-mode As you can see there’s quite a lot of Ghosting and You don’t get blacks as pure as you do In the regular e-ink mode just like with Asphalt 9 Alta’s odyssey is playable in x-mode On this tablet and it shows the Really cool stuff that onyx has managed To do With e-ink [Music] Okay so here’s the real test can you Play call of duty mobile on an e-ink Tablet Here i have the onyx books max lumi in Its x mode Which is its high refresh rate mode it

Doesn’t have great blacks But it has a high refresh rate Okay so check it out we are now playing Call of duty In e-ink You can pick up guns you can move around You can shoot people Now obviously there’s going to be lag I wouldn’t want to do player versus Player play On this e-ink screen but it is just Ridiculous That this is actually possible More casual games are a lot simpler when They don’t rely on heavy animations For instance wordscapes A little sluggish sure playable totally In fact i may want to take wordscapes Out of x mode so that i’m not dealing With all this ghosting Now i’m back in normal mode with word Escapes And you can tell everything’s sharp with No ghosting but Any bit of animation causes a problem so Maybe x mode Is a better bet for pretty much all of Your games How about one of the medium modes like Speed mode Speed mode gives you a little more Ghosting but Oh look it fixes this animation here So for casual games it looks like speed

Mode is the way to go I can’t believe i’m playing games on an E-ink tablet It’s important to note that it’s not a Gaming tablet Obviously what it’s for is to read A wide variety of content whether it be Kobo books or kindle books Or pdf documentation or the new york Times or Manga all in this very flexible Android 10 ecosystem uh with this Big e-ink screen oh and you can write on It too As you can see the onyx books max lumi Has A pen and the lag isn’t bad at all this Is the onyx books max lumi It is 879 sometimes discounted And yes you can play games on the ink Although Maybe you don’t really want to this is Sasha sigan from You

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