We asked ChatGPT to write a story about Marques as Santa. And it was wild 😳

Marquez Brownlee had to take over the Role of Santa Claus I would love to hear What he came up with all right it was The night before Christmas and Marquez Brownlee was feeling more than a little Stressed he’s used to filming and Editing videos not delivering presents To children all over the world Apparently Santa Claus has come down With a terrible cold and was able to Make the rounds and since Marquez has Been so good this year the elves had Chosen him to take over the job Marquez is a bit hesitant at first but He knew that it was his duty to help out So he quickly put on the red suit and Hopped into Santa’s sleigh which was Powered by the latest and greatest Technology and it even had built-in Cameras so that he could capture all the Reactions as he delivered the presents As Marquez flew from house to house he Couldn’t help but smile he loved seeing The excitement on the faces of the Children as they opened their gifts and He even got to try out some of the new Tech toys that he had helped design Before he knew it it was time to return To the North Pole as he handed the reins Back to Santa Marquez couldn’t help but Joke I think I might have to retire from Tech and become a full-time Santa Santa Just chuckled in reply I think we might Have to make you an elf

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