What Can Chat GPT do For the Average Person?

A short video showing examples of what Chat GPT can do for the average person.

GPT it’s a really cool AI bot that can Create really awesome content for you so Basically what I’m going to do here is I’m going to show you a couple examples And the last example I showed in a Previous video was more code base this Is going to be more for the average Person right so let’s say I want to send An email to my boss That I you know will be out next uh Friday due to a family event right so I Can go ahead and say that and it’s going To say okay to my boss subject out next Friday Hi boss I wanted to let you know That I will be out next Friday December 10th for a family event I will make sure To take care of any pressing tasks Before I can leave blah blah blah Sincerely my name right all right so That was pretty cool it created an email I can say you know what uh hey Um can you tweak that email To only be one sentence right Boom it reworked that so hey boss I will Be out next Friday for a family event Thanks for your understanding right so I Was able to know the context of the Previous conversation and tweak that Email right all right so let’s say I Want to do something you know for my House I’m working on my house I want to Hang up a couple paintings hey I want to Hang uh you know three paintings on my 10 foot wall I want

Uh those paintings to be centered on the Wall and evenly spaced apart Um how far from the left side of The wall should I space these So to Center the paintings on a 10-foot Wall and evenly space them apart you Need to divide the wall into four equal Parts and hang each painting at the Center of each section since the wall is 10 feet long each section would be 10 Divided by 4 which is two point feet Wide therefore you would need to hang The first painting so on and so forth Right it’s basically telling me where I Should hang those paintings right Um and let’s say actually uh there are Five paintings In that case you need to divide the wall Into six equal parts and hang each Painting at the center of each section And then it does that math for me as Well as well so that’s super cool Um you know use case for hey I don’t Want to think right I want just to you Know work with this chat bot and have it Do things for me so let’s do something Else let’s say I’m a student right and I Need to write a paper uh write me a one Page paper Uh on you know Elon Musk right All right so Elon Musk is a South African-born entrepreneur and Businessman uh man I actually don’t know That word Matt magnet

Um who played an important role blah Blah blah Um so you know that wrote a one-page Paper and let’s actually you know what I I said I saw this word let’s see what is This word let’s say what is this word There’s a powerful influential business Person right so I actually didn’t know That word and it output that and said Okay let me let me take a look and and It’ll actually tell me what that word Was Um so now let’s say actually can you Make that a two-page paper And there it’s going making a two-page Paper so it’s taking Um the context of the conversation I Didn’t tell it to write a two-page paper On Elon Musk I said write a two-page Paper And there it has a two-page paper output For me So this is wild technology that can Really really benefit the human race Um to be able to go much faster much Quicker and think less but thinking less Is not necessarily A Bad Thing some People might think this is going to take My job this is going to make it so that I know I I don’t I’m not needed anymore I’m a necessary but no really what it’s Going to do is going to make it so that We can be higher level thinkers right And we can interact with computers way

Faster so I hope you enjoyed this video If you like this content and want to see More subscribe to my channel robotjs and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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