What is ChatGPT?

It can write — just like a human! ABC News’ Will Ganss has more of the new AI-driven tech capable of writing everything from poems to emails and more!

It took Netflix more than three years to Reach 1 million users but it took chat GPT just five days techies everywhere Short circuiting with excitement OMG Chat GPT is about to make my life 10 Times easier but what is it chat GPT is A state-of-the-art natural language Processing model developed by open AI it Is specifically designed for Conversational language and is capable Of generating responses to input in a Way that mimics human conversation that Description by the way comes from Chatgpt itself we asked think of it as Google but with more human-like features Plus it’s free you can ask a very Specific question like give me five tips For how to use my camera are you going To ask it to write a poem or a play or a Song It really can kind of comprehend almost Any request and then it spits out Language that sounds like it was written By human being we also asked it to write This entire script which it did but it Didn’t take into account that we need Our expert to weigh in a lot of the Headlines are that this might make Google obsolete do you see that possibly Becoming reality if I were Google I Would be a little bit nervous just Because this interface is sort of the Thing that everybody has wanted forever I mean this this is the closest thing I

Was saying to like the Star Trek Computer Um where you say what you want and it Responds instantly For Better or For Worse many educators are already worried About how chat GPT might become a Surrogate student when it comes to Homework kids could use this to create Something which a teacher could probably Not identify as not having been written By a human non-students can use chat GPT For other tasks here’s Chachi PT Drafting an email to my bosses asking For a raise open AI the company behind Chatgpt says it’s using this technology Responsibly the bot won’t answer any Salacious questions for example but this Is only the beginning there will be Other companies who come up with similar Technologies who don’t care so much About being responsible Chat gbt isn’t able to search the web For current events because its knowledge Is compiled from things it learned Before 2021 so Google still has a leg up There but other than that the AI chat Bot can handle a lot you should see the Essay I had it right for me comparing Julius Caesar to Regina George for Mean Girls it was very very good five five Paragraphs came up like that I also Asked it to write a poem Oh about you Too It said I can re-end and they are the

Best they’re reporting is second to none And nevertheless they hold power to Account and seek the truth I can ran and They are approved that journalism is Alive and Well The Pursuit Of Truth is a Noble tale to tell so here’s to Ike and Rhiannon two reporters who are always on The run you know what chat gtt that is So fetch It really is like amazing so you know Like I said that essay about the Mean Girls and and Julius Caesar so it comes Up so quickly and you can see it what Happened when you sent the boss asking For a raise what did our boss say Because the control room is telling me I’m getting Aaron judge numbers Where is this going to go you know what I mean are we going to have this thing Filling out like dating profiles now am I going to fall in love with chat GPT I Mean that’s the thing it’s like there’s No telling really where it’s going to go From here and like he said at the end You know Chachi PT is saying that they Are you’ll you can ask it some like Salacious questions and it’ll say no uh But uh yeah all right oh boy thank you Will more to come on that hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for Checking out the ABC News YouTube Channel if you’d like to get more videos Show highlights and watch live event Coverage click on the right over here to

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