why chatGPT isn’t the future of programming (im not impressed)

ChatGPT is a crazy tool that is extremely powerful, but I think is catching a bed reputation across the programming niche of the internet. ChatGPT is a cool tool that will act like Babbelfish did back in the language learning days of the early 2000’s, but I think we have a long way to go before it takes over the world.


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Unless you’ve been living underneath a Rock for the last two weeks uh you’ve Probably heard about this new big scary Thing called chat GPT within the Programming Community there’s a lot of Talk right now about how GPT will affect The programmer in particular talking About how it will affect a student Learning programming if it will become a New cheat that makes programming harder Or easier to learn and if it will Ultimately replace the programmer Themselves I think there’s a lot of Fear-mongering and warmongering going on About like oh my God this is going to be The end of programmers as we know it so I felt it was my responsibility to kind Of settle the tensions and show a few Examples where it’s not exactly perfect And how we’re all gonna be okay just Breathe chat GPT can have a conversation With you about literally anything so Here is chat GPT we get to if I go into This URL here Chat.openai.com you make an account and You can log in and you can literally ask It anything Um so hey there robot what is two plus Two so that’s pretty easy but what it Can also do is have more artistic Conversations you can actually ask it to Write you poems for example uh write me A haiku about the color purple There you go pretty interesting the one

Thing in the programming Niche that Scares people about the open AI chat GPT Is the fact that chat CBT knows how to Program you can actually ask it to solve Basic programming problems for you and It gives you most of the time a right Answer so my prompt that I gave it Before was write for me a snippet of JavaScript that prompts The user for a number and alerts double That That number A couple seconds of it talking to you it Will produce the JavaScript that does Just that and it’s pretty awesome and Taking this piece of code we can copy it Into a HTML file and test it And see that it does basically what it Says that it’s supposed to do so that is Pretty interesting you can also have it Solve harder problems like C and Assembly you can have it do things like Create for me a socket server in C That listens on Port Quad 4 forks and Says hello To the client over the socket So after all that we have what looks Like some pretty good seat codes we’re Gonna actually go ahead and copy that Out and we’ll compile it and see if it Works speaking I take that code we can Compile it into code and then run it And there we go see so it works pretty Interesting stuff there are a couple

Issues with this that I don’t see taking Over the human being in the next five or So years so first of all The code we got generated is good but There is a bug in the code where if you Just go ahead and restart the server Because you don’t actually use the sock Reuse address flag on your bind socket The server is inherently broken so what Does that mean for the future of Learning and the future of programming As a whole in my opinion the chat GPT Bot does to learning to program what Google translate and Babelfish did to Learning a new language back in the day It is there it is an interesting tool And I think it does have power in Helping the student overcome hurdles That they may not have been able to do Before without it I can go on here and I Can essentially use this like a new Stack Overflow how do you do this kind Of thing in language X just like on Babelfish or Google translate you could Ask how do you say library in Spanish Just like that if I went onto Google Translate and I said how do I have a Full conversation in Spanish I don’t Actually learn the ins and outs of the Language the only way you you can learn A language is by trying failing learning And then retrying and this chat API does Not do that at all for the engineer or The computer programmer that is

Concerned about the chat GPT replacing Them in their job there are a lot of Instances with the chat gbt where it Produces bad code as you saw in this Example here The code did not revive a restart there Are a lot of little ins and outs of Programming that the chat AI is just not Exactly ready for yet is the future Going to be AI generated code no not at All I think we are at least a decade Away from that but is the future going To be a human writing code that is Assisted by AI yes but I would argue We’ve already been there for the last Five or so years based on things like GitHub co-pilot so let me know your Thoughts in the chat in the comments Down below and then go watch this video About some cool code that I wrote Without AI see you there

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