Why Did Artificial Intelligence Tell Me To Build This Invention? (ChatGPT + DALL-E)

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Unnecessary Inventions is the brainchild of product designer Matty Benedetto, where he designs & builds 2-4 brand new products each week that solve problems that don’t exist.

Thank you [Music] Hi there today we’re going to be talking About using artificial intelligence to Design a new invention first let’s Define what we mean artificial Intelligence or AI this is the ability Come on you really thought I was going To ruin the entire video in the first 30 Seconds but what you just saw there is Called chat GPT and it’s a new Artificial intelligence chatbot that can Do a whole bunch of stuff and some Examples of things that it can do for You include writing lines of code in Real time crafting a lovely poem why Drake keeps buying unnecessary things And even writing out the entire script For this YouTube video and today I’m Going to use artificial intelligence to Figure out what my next unnecessary Invention is going to be and I’m going To use a few different AI programs to Figure out the problem that we need to Solve the invention for that problem the Product name the description and the Rendering so that I can take all of that Information that artificial intelligence Gives me and spit out a brand new Invention for you guys and this is Actually kind of weird because normally I start every video at least have having Some sort of idea of what I’m building But today we’re all up to the computers

And the very first thing that we have to Do according to our AI generated YouTube Script first we need to identify a Problem that our invention will solve This could be anything from making a Task more efficient to improving safety In a certain situation so I got to Thinking what’s going to be the best way For artificial intelligence to tell me What problem we should solve so I just Went direct tell me some real world Problems people might have when they go Out in public and right away it started Spitting out some real world problems Like long lines and crowds at popular Destinations finding parking and rude People but I wanted to focus on this one Cleanliness or maintenance issues at Public facilities because let’s be real We’ve all been to a gross public Bathroom and I had to wash my hands just Thinking about it but that got me Wondering where else are people Concerned about germs so I hopped over To chatgpt and said name five places People might be concerned about germs it Gave me some good stuff to work with Like public restrooms public Transportation shopping carts restaurant Tables and water fountains but I wanted To focus in right here where it talks About door handles because what do you Do when you come up on a door handle That’s just completely covered in germs

There’s got to be some sort of invention Where you can open the door without Actually having to touch the handle and Today I don’t got the answers today we Ask artificial intelligence and this is Where things were going to start to get Interesting because artificial Intelligence was going to actually come Up with invention ideas for us in an Unnecessary way of course and this is When my mind was officially blown it Started pumping out invention idea after Invention idea of things I would Actually make but once we got to the Very last one I knew we hit the jackpot This device is a small suction cup that Is attached to a keychain the user Attaches the suction cup to the door Handle and uses the keychain to open the Door without having to touch the handle Directly it’s perfect I think that’s the Perfect solution for an unnecessary Invent tension it is kind of creepy how It nailed it on the head like the vibe Of an unnecessary invention that suction Keychain is totally it but now the next Thing that we need to figure out is the Name of it and I have a very specific Way that I like to name my products like Over here we’ve got the sipping Stopwatch down below that we’ve got the No trick tracker if we go over here we Have the classic Glizzy gripper and of Course we got these which are the

Sobbing spectacles so now I had to find Out if it knew what alliteration was Plus if it could pick up on context Clues if I just said invention number Five wouldn’t know what to do and not Only did it come up with the perfect Name the suction saver but it also told Me why it was going to be the perfect Name so we have found ourselves a Problem we found an invention to solve That problem we have a name for our Invention but the last thing we need to Think about is what is that invention Going to look like and I’ve got a really Big gripe because I tried that like Artificial intelligent Avatar maker and Mine came out absolutely horrible Horrible like what what is this so right Off the bat I wasn’t having too much Confidence but I grabbed my computer and Got nice and cozy and this time we were Going to be using Dolly and just like Last time all we have to do is type in a Sentence hit enter and wait a few Seconds now we get artificially Intelligent generated photo images and Now it was time to train the artificial Intelligence to figure out the exact Descriptive words that I needed to tell It in the exact style that I wanted the Images to look like and there were a few Bumps along the road really teaching Myself how to make this thing work the Way I wanted it to and some of them came

Out looking kinda weird but once I Figured out exactly what I needed to Tell this artificial intelligence to Show me it finally pumped out some Images that we were actually gonna be Able to use and I decided to finally Land on this rendering as the Inspiration for our invention what I Think I’ve learned so far for artists Trying to use artificial intelligence You can definitely use it to sort of Guide you in different directions but It’s definitely not the end-all be-all So I’m gonna use that as the basis of of Our invention idea but maybe I’ll put my Own little twists on it and really quick We don’t have a sponsor for today’s Video but if you want to pick up my new Board game it’s available link will be Down in the description it should be 20 Off before Christmas if you’re watching This before Christmas there’s still time To get it so let’s go design our brand New Saver it was time for me to do what I do Best and using that image as a reference I hopped into Fusion 360 and started Creating a 3D model of what our new Invention was going to actually look Like in the real world the 3D model Ended up looking like this with a few Different components and so I ever so Elegantly rolled on over to the 3D Printers double checked I had the right

Colors inside there and hit go [Music] [Applause] [Music] And thank you thank you thank you and Thank you we’ve got our three different Parts for the suction saver looking Pretty dang good we’ve got the faux Doorknob that we’re going to use and We’re going to suction cup this to the Door and hopefully open it here’s the Carabiner that’s going to attach to my Belt and I didn’t do any top and bottom Layers so we just have that gyroid Infill and then these two pieces here Are going to connect together and Connect together and this is going to Have a little retractable cord so that It goes in and out and that’s the other Thing you got to think about with using Artificial intelligence I had to design All these different parts with the Consideration of what do I have around My studio to actually bring this to life You could probably plug some of those Parameters into the artificial Intelligence but it’s never going to get It to the exact dimensions that you need So use it as a tool but not the ends to The means now let’s go get those other Things things that I was talking about And finally finish the suction saver [Music] [Applause]

[Music] And the one last satisfying thing is to Take off the plastic on the suction cup But now we have ourselves a fully AI Generated invention idea living in the Real world we’ve got the suction saver Carabiner here that will attach to our Belt that then attaches down to this Retractable cord and that connects right Up inside into our faux doorknob that We’ll be able to use to put onto the Door and then pull it open without Getting any germs on ourselves alright Let me just go ahead and slide it here Right onto my belt buckle looking pretty Good hanging there I like the colors That the AI came up with you know I just Copied it from that rendering earlier on So we got the white the yellow and the Blue and now it just retractably goes in And out let’s go test it on an actual Doorknob oh yeah the back of this is Actually like a sticky suction pad so Hopefully it works so picture you come Up to this doorknob and it is absolutely Disgusting you got your suction saver Here you reach down and grab it firmly Attach it to the door and now you can Pull it open without having to touch the Gross part of the door pull it closed And then it should just snap right off But what are we thinking the suction Saver idea and concept I’m gonna give it Like a solid six it’s a pretty solid

Unnecessary invention that was created By artificial intelligence build quality Though I’m giving this a good old nine It almost looks like uh it reminds me of Like the bop it I’ll be sure to go leave A link down in the description for all Of those different AI tools I use as Well as my board game you can get it on Amazon and my own website and make sure You subscribe to the channel I think I’m Gonna go out in public and maybe I’ll Make a Youtube short of testing this Thing in the real world from artificial Intelligence into the real world with That I will see you at the next Unnecessary invention see ya

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