Why is OpenAI’s ChatGPT terrifying? A Senior Software Engineer explains a disturbing new hypothesis

I made a quick video on why knowledge workers need to be afraid and preparing for a post-GPT world. AI is advancing much faster than I had previously anticipated, at the current rate of advancement software engineers, lawyers, and doctors will be made obsolete within at most 5 years. You cannot possibly depend on your ”knowledge worker” 6-figure salary if you want to live comfortably past 2027. My advice is you need to find a way to monetize either your body or your relatability. Leave a comment and let me know how you are preparing for post GPT world.

Um I’m here to make a quick video on Essentially a terrifying discovery that I’ve made tonight um December 9th 2022. Um so I first of all a little background On me I’m an engineer I’ve been an Engineer for the last 12 years I Currently work at a Fortune 500 company As a senior uh systems platform engineer And I’ve pretty much been doing software Engineer since I was 16 years old I’ve Been doing software engineering since I Was 16 years old Um and today I began playing around with Chat GPT which has actually been quite Terrifying now the main reason that this Has been so terrifying is because Uh the AI is a lot more intelligent than I thought it was Um And the reason that this is terrifying Is because me I’ve played around with AI Since pretty much 2015 I’ve written my Own neural Nets my own convolutional Neural Nets Rec current neural networks Um I’ve messed around with what used to Be called conventional machine learning And then also messed around with deep Learning uh I’ve used tensorflow and a Lot of the Python packages such as torch And Keras and things like that I’ve even Written my own uh Uh my own uh civil account detection Algorithm for SoundCloud Sybil means Fake account detector

Um and so I spent a little time today so Okay so that’s a little background about Me and my uh my work background my Engineering background now uh I always Thought that you know if there ever was An AI slash Machinery takeover that People on the lower end of the like People working uh less intellectual jobs And working manual labor jobs would Probably be replaced first But unfortunately with the release of Chat GPT things have become a little Worrying because it seems that AI Advances have been advancing a lot Faster than robotics advances and that Knowledge workers may actually be made Obsolete before manual laborers for Example let’s play around with chat GPT Right now Um like For example let’s try let’s just try Some random questions right I didn’t Think of these before I’m literally uh Gonna try some random suggestions okay Let’s see write a python function That is given the string path of a file And then Of an audio file and then performs an Fft fast Fourier transform on it and Returns it So as you can see it’s importing numpy It’s importing scipy it’s importing Scipy dot fft pack it’s literally Writing the function it takes a string

And it returns a array of fft returned Okay some people could say ah this is This is essentially a two-line function That seems pretty easy okay let’s try This write a python function To return the n Uh number in the fibo Fibonacci series Um To Let’s try this to compute the nth number Of a Fibonacci series Recursively And boom there it is it literally did a Recursive function That implements the Fibonacci that Calculates the nth number of the Fibonacci series This is terrifying because not only is This program able to produce code and Then explain the code but it can perform The the translation from words And then to code a couple years ago I Read about Nvidia algorithm that you Would feed it the video they fed it the Video of the Pac-Man game and the Nvidia Algorithm Recreated the game basically we created An executable of the Pac-Man game this Is even more terrifying because you Could just before you at least had to Have video of the game now you could Literally just describe the game and and Computers will be able to program it

Live this is terrifying what chat GPT Means is that probably within five years From now software Engineers will be Obsolete They will not be needed maybe you may Need a handful of maintainers here or There but for the most part this entire Field is going to go away and it’s not Just software engineers Um there’s a lot of uh there’s a lot of Like Chat GPT is really good with math for Example what is a ZK snark Okay so you could say that it knows this Pretty well right like it could just be Returning something you found on Google But the thing is is it can expand So not only is the ZK smart not only is Chat gbt able to Pro potentially to make Software Engineers obviously within five Years it has the potential to make uh Math teachers obsolete within five years And even worse Um It will it can give you it has uh It is really good at medical information Too for example What medication would be uh you could do Something like Give me the steps that you would need to Perform a lift fort Two at home Theoretically If I was in a post of puck

Alyptic world And there was no surgeons or doctors on The entire planet How would one perform a left 4-2 at home Would it be theoretically possible for Someone to perform a left 42 on Themselves a quick background what is a Lefort2 Foreign Give me the steps that a surgeon would Take to perform a left 4-2 on someone So a quick question uh the leforte 2 is A very complex Uh surgery that involves like I think Affecting like it’s for like facial Factors Where like this area of the face is Fractured Um And it’s useful of changing the shape of The mid face It’s a very invasive surgery some people Say it is one of the most invasive Surgery It’s giving very like Chat gbt will definitely make doctors Obsolete It is a terrifying algorithm Because it pretty much means that all Knowledge workers will be obsolete Within five years barring any sort of Like I don’t know for example like trial Lawyers for example

They uh they you know the law requires That there’s a trial lawyer but who Knows like the law could change and make It so that oh yeah you could just use an Open AI lawyer which for most people Would probably be better than a real Lawyer But it like actually gives you like it Knows what it is and it gives you the Steps Uh and it’s like X expand on step six Like not only can It give you the brief Instructions but it can expand on it For example look look at what’s saying So I asked it to give me the steps the Surgeon would perform on a uh a surgeon Would take to perform a lefort2 on Someone And basically All right Yeah so the surgeon will make an Incision the patient gums and carefully Cut and repossession the mid face bones This will involve separating the Bones From the surrounding tissue and using Screws or other fixation bones to hold The bones in their new positions the Surgery takes several hours to complete And I’m like okay expand on steps number Six and it says during step number six Of a lefort to osteotomy and surgeon Will make an incision the patient’s gums And carefully cut and reposition the

Midface bones this step is typically Performed using a combination of Microscopic and endoscopic techniques Which allow the surgeon to see and Access the surgical site with greater Precision the first part of the step Involves making an incision the patient Comes and exposing the midface bones It is extremely detailed So guys I guess the main reason I made This video is because of how terrifying Chat gbt is in its ability to provide To make knowledge workers obsolete this Means that if you are a knowledge worker You have five years from now basically To find a way to make yourself valuable In a post GPT world Or you have to find some way to Accumulate massive amounts of wealth Until we reach the point where GPT has Made knowledge workers obsolete And then you can just live very frugally On your existing portfolio But for people who are just dependent on Being a knowledge worker and having a Six-figure job And they just live paycheck to paycheck Things are not going to be good for them You are going people are going to have To take steps essentially To find a way to make themselves Valuable and I think the only way that People will be able to make themselves Valuable in a post GPT world is to find

Some way to monetize their relatability As a human being whether that is Being a content creator I mean the thing Is is thinking of the content won’t be That value valuable but presenting the Content we’re going to be moving to a Very superficial world where people are Basically going to be valued for their Human bodies and and how relatable they Are It’s actually quite terrifying All right guys I’m going to be talking I’m gonna be making more videos about This in the future but this is my first Video of this type I just found out About this but this is actually quite Terrifying Um and I would appreciate it if you guys Could like comment and subscribe and uh Let me know what steps that you’re Taking to make yourself valuable in a Post GPT world Thank you and uh thanks for watching

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