World Cup 2022: NASA technology could rescue Neymar’s World Cup

World Cup 2022: NASA technology could rescue Neymar’s World Cup.
Neymar was substituted against Serbia after appearing to have twisted his right ankle only to later be confirmed as suffering a sprain, making him a definite absentee for Switzerland and a serious doubt for the final group game against Cameroon.
His availability in that third game will depend on his progress and how his national team is doing in terms of qualification.
However, the Brazilian star has turned to NASA technology to provide him with intensive physiotherapy.
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On social media, Neymar showed that he’s being treated with a compression boot.
The equipment uses NASA technology and serves to accelerate healing.
The boot combines three different massage techniques and activates blood circulation.
It also stimulates venous return, reduces swelling, relieves pain, reduces muscle fatigue, eliminates accumulated lactic acid, cramps and improves soft tissue and bone healing.

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