WoW Dragonflight players demand devs adjust ‘unbalanced’ Mythic+ timers

WoW Dragonflight players demand devs adjust ‘unbalanced’ Mythic+ timers.
World of Warcraft Dragonflight players have shared their frustrations with the title’s Mythic+ timers, claiming that they’re incredibly unbalanced between Azure Vaults and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.
Dragonflight has earned itself plenty of praise among the World of Warcraft community.
Asmongold, for example, called it a “massive step up” from the Shadowlands expansion.
Additional praise also came from an efforts to maximize deaf representation in the expansion.
And while criticism seems to be at a historic low, Dragonflight players have found a serious problem with the design of some Mythic+ dungeons.
More specifically, players have taken issue with the time limits.
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For those unaware, Mythic+ difficulty dungeons in WoW require the party to beat the dungeon in a specified time limit, clear a minimum % of mobs in the dungeon, and of course, beat all the bosses.

Foreign [Music] Dragonflight players demand devs a just Unbalanced Mythic plus timers World of Warcraft dragonflight players have Shared their frustrations with the Titles Mythic plus timers claiming that They're incredibly unbalanced between Azure vaults and shadowmoon burial Grounds dragonflight has earned itself Plenty of Praise among the World of Warcraft Community a small gold for Example called it a massive step up from The shadowlands expansion additional Praise also came from an efforts to Maximize deaf representation in the Expansion and while criticism seems to Be at a historic low dragonflight Players have found a serious problem With the design of some Mythic plus Dungeons more specifically players have Taken issue with the time limits to stay Up to date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video for those unaware Mythic plus Difficulty Dungeons and wow require the Party to beat the dungeon in a specified Time limit clear a minimum percent of Mobs in the dungeon and of course beat All the bosses the timer thus becomes The most most important aspect as you Need to optimize for the shortest Possible run Reddit user UEFI pointed

Out in a Reddit thread that beating Shadow Moon burial grounds on Mythic Plus allows your party to die over 30 Times and still make it in time but let Your entire party die two times in Azure Vaults and you won't make it many Players agreed with the original poster Bringing up stories supporting how Ridiculously forgiving the shadow Moon Burial ground Mythic plus timer is Compared to other dungeons played a 15 SPG recently where the tank lost his Internet connection right after sadhana And had to run over to his friend's House with his laptop to keep playing Commented one player still timed it with Two minutes to spare subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest updates on Experts gaming and more others confirmed That running Azure vaults on Mythic plus Is needlessly ruthless Azure Vault has Lake 2 trillion mobs points out one user Others displayed a lack of faith in Blizzard fixing it anytime soon with one Commenting sarcastically don't worry it Will be fixed in two years we can't say For sure what the future brings to the Dragonflight expansion but for now it Seems pretty solid despite a misstep Here and there for more dragonflight Updates make sure you check out our World of Warcraft page for all the Latest guides [Music]

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