Yesojo gives your Nintendo Switch a big screen you can use anywhere

The Yesojo is a portable projector with a built-in battery pack that gives you a bright, 720p display anywhere you want one. It powers the Switch for up to four hours of gameplay, and has a built-in speaker, too.

[Music] The a projector is the first portable Jetta for the Nintendo switch when we First saw the Nintendo switch what we Really loved about it was the plug and Play in the portability so we thought How can we best extend that what’s a way To take that cool TV experience anywhere You like so we kind of came up with this Projector idea whether they’re traveling And they don’t want to mess around and Plug in their TV kids see one fit into Their sleepovers and stuff I mean I’ve Gained at the beach I’ve gained on the Side of my house I don’t know so it’s Been really fun so it’s a two hundred Ante lumen projection which is Equivalent to a two thousand lumen Projector you might find in the stores Today it’s got a four hour battery life On it it’s also charging the switch as Well it’s also got a 5 watt inbuilt Concave speaker which has a really deep Resounding bass as well no joke and kind Of double up and be used for any year Other devices you can connect them via HDMI or USB so that can be your phone or Your laptop so if you’re on the move and You want a game and you want to do some Work or anything that you’re kind of Covered as well you’re gonna get Everyone to see how great this thing is Enjoy Same way that you guys think

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