You Need To Watch This NOW | ChatGPT Roblox scripting

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What is this new ChatGPT AI, and you can you use it? In this video I will briefly explain how it can assist you in roblox studio.

GPT is a new super intelligent AI that Can literally code for you since its Release everybody has been talking about This now I’m gonna showcase it I’m gonna Ask the AI to make a script that kicks The player from the game whenever he Says kick me in chat Roblox scripting Kick player whenever the player says Kick me in chat the AI is now gonna Start working on my request Now by just Looking at this code I know that it will Work but I’m gonna show you not only did It write the code it also told me how it Works basically how it works and what it Does and it even said here you asked to Be kicked I did not ask where to type That it did that on its own but let’s Get to testing build Studio paste the Code in and without changing a thing Let’s test it kick me It worked it literally worked I didn’t Do a single thing this is the new big Thing make sure you subscribe and leave A like

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